H818 so far

I looked forward to the networked practioner course ( it’s my last in the MAODE). So far I think this set up is my kind of ideal course. We get to focus on a project of our choice. There are some stimulating themes around the resources (articles and blogs), and an interactive group of people in comparison to other courses. Twitter is being used as a backchannel and networking tool I guess. The only thing I’m undecided about is Open Studio. I need to get to grips with it more but it seems quite similar to portfolios. I think it disrupts the flow somewhat as a learner when sometimes the conversation is being held in the forum and other times in open studio not to forget several class mates are using their own blogs. Maybe it is just a matter of getting used to.

In terms of networking Twitter is definitely my favourite. I have tried used to using delicious and scoop it. But perhaps just using lists in Twitter is enough. I’m  nspired by some other course members I have decided to have a go at blogging agin. 🙂 Maybe this time I will crack it. 🙂