Reviewing Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk

Amanda Palmer: Art of asking

Amanda Palmer is an artist/musician. In her Ted Talk she describes her journey from being unknown to having a fan following. Her ambition to recreate some bonding and human connection she felt as a street artist in her use of social media and the internet resulted in being able to self fund her latest album and distribute her music for free.

I enjoyed this talk because of Amanda Palmer, her delivery was good and her storytelling was engaging. I don’t find it surprising or something ‘new’ in this idea of fans and people in general paying for something they enjoy. Especially in the arts field, that is what I would expect happens.

Having said that I’m not sure if her point about letting fans to pay and crowdsourcing can be applicable to education. But then people do pay for ‘lectures’ and ‘lectures in conferences’. If education can be paralleled with the arts the MOOCs are perhaps a form of crowdsourcing? Once again the ‘art of asking’ has been there for some time. Isn’t it very much the same when you donate to Wikipedia or adopt a book in the British Library. The web tools widen the network and potential donors that is all really.



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