Encouraging innovation

I have moved to a different role so not sure if I’m ready to evaluate innovation in my new workplace but will have a go at comparing FE with HE sector for fun!

Q:Do you sense that your innovations (as supporters of learning) have been valued, encouraged, supported?

Yes in my FE roles we were certainly asked to think creatively and phrases like ‘blue sky thinking’ , ‘no budget limitations’ , imagine 2050…well certainly trying to encourage innovation …In my HE role the support is there more on managerial level with a lot of encouragement, also there is a direct link between being innovative and receiving funding to develop project ideas so definitely innovation is required and valued on all levels.

Q:How widespread is innovation in your organisation?

I think generally the education sector has gone through a lot of changes and face all kind of pressures from society and government. Innovation is encouraged both for high quality and problem solving purposes within FE and HE(what I can see).

Q:Are there policies or statements that relate to innovation? If yes, how are they implemented?

In FE the innovation was part of staff development programmes and implicit, no specific policy. In the HE institution there are statements around being innovative, pioneering, ground breaking etc.

Q:What implications, if any, does this have for your attitude towards innovation?

My attitude towards innovation derives from that I believe its what’s expected and what society demands . Its perhaps not something new but things are certainly chaining in a quicker pace so in terms of learning you have to be prepared to learn and relearn and come up with solutions that work with whatever is on trend…as long as there is a positive air about it i don’t mind and enjoy having the ability to be innovative and creative in my approach and try new things…new ways of doing same things…

So I guess the differences are not really there ,most likely because I remained in the education sector, it’s encouraging though on reflection that innovation is encouraged in  this sector too…


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