Using Diigo and Evernote

So I started using Diigo this week, a so called social bookmarking tool.

For those who have somehow missed social/online bookmarking and its associated folksonomies may still have used Flickr? Well instead of tags describing images you have tagging and creating keywords for websites giving you a system of online bookmarking!
So what good does that really bring? The service providers will argue that this allows you to find similar websites or topics of interest using other like minded people’s searches.
You can in other words share links of intrest within a group or the wider web community allowing you to be Social bookmarking.
The Diigo people believe they are offering a little bit more than just social bookmarking. They are talking about themselves as social bookmarking 2.0 (as in Web 2.0) and the future of information management.
Having had a Delicious account before I appreciate that there is an inbuilt transition mechanisms allowing me to import my delicious bookmarks into Diigo. Since Diigo can be used for note taking, annotations , archiving images and documents it reminded me of similar features that I use Evernote for. Their Diigolet is similar to Evernote Webclipper. A feature allowing you to save a webpage, annotate it or adding notes to it.
Diigo naturally encourages sharing through other social networking sites. Evernote also allows you to share your notes through a link, Facebook etc. Both have syncing to their web based account service. Well this is some of the things I have discovered so far. It’s still early days and I may discover fundamental differences, who knows ?
Some would question comparing a note taking software with a social bookmarking service but I can see some similarities and merging of features so I predict that it won’t be long before one tool has to provide all the features possible (Referencing next?).
Screenshot showing Delicious website

Delicious: social bookmarking tool

Diigo - social bookmarking website

Diigo – social bookmarking 2.0 tool

Note taking software/service

Evernote: Note taking software/service


One thought on “Using Diigo and Evernote

  1. Great post. I am thinking about how we will manage the tool as it grows, sure that’s what the tags are for. My fear is that I get swamped by all sorts of links and I forget about them / never see them again. Simply because I am not prompted to go back and refresh my memory. Perhaps we will we see more intuitive computer reasoning in Web 3.0 where we are able to type in our thoughts and the computer not just recalls past literature/websites that link with the thought, but summarises them! Now that would be nifty!

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